Thursday, May 9, 2019

Oh Look, An Announcement!

     Well, the time has come! About a month or so ago we announced on the Mickey Mutineers Podcast that we will be rebranding and slowly (emphasis on "slowly") rolling out our new title: MUTINEER DISASTER STUDIOS! Look, there's even a logo!

     So what does this mean?? I'll tell you. We love talking about Disney and dedicating so much of our creative outlet towards it. However, a couple years ago we started the side podcast, Mutineer Disaster Hour, for those weeks where either nothing major was going on with Disney, or we just wanted to talk about something else completely unrelated. As you can see from the name, the Mutineer Disaster Hour idea has completely expanded and now we're going to dedicate so much of our creative outlet to Disney, but also more!

     The weekly podcasts will remain the same in the same podcast feed you're using, so you don't have to worry about resubscribing to some other feed. You will still get mostly Mickey Mutineers shows and the occasional Mutineer Disaster Hour, just like you've been getting for years now. But now they will be labeled in the podcast feed more accordingly so you'll know exactly what show you're getting. On top of the regular shows, we also have some not-so-regularly scheduled side shows in the works. For example, Jake and Jordan will be doing a movie side show called, well, Movie Sideshow. And Dimitri and Wall will make their long-awaited podcast return with Dimitri and Wall's Flat Panel Fist Fight!

     And now for the bulk of the changes: Aside from the podcasts, the bulk of the changes will be made at the Mutineer Disaster Studios YouTube channel, which can be found right here! (Which you should totally click that link and subscribe!) We're going to be doing a lot more dabbling in videos! The YouTube channel will be the hub of our new operations. We already record the podcasts there, so if you don't want to wait for the produced final audio product, you can hop over to the YouTube page and watch our awful livestreams! But on top of that, we are going to explore all sorts of other videos, from cooking (and/or drinking) videos, travel vlogs, musical stuff, and more! (Eventually there will even be a Dimitri and Wall cartoon! We're really going all in with Dimitri and Wall.)

    One of  the final changes will be this here website. We'll somehow archive all the past blog posts into a special section, and spruce up the main site more in line with the new Mutineer Disaster Studios. But that's still a little ways down the line. Mostly because I don't know how to do that yet. But the new web site will be a secondary hub that will point towards the YouTube channel and still have the embedded podcast player for easy access.

     We're very excited to be branching out like this and we're excited to take you all along with us! Whether you like it or not....*Awkward cough*.... So stay tuned to all our social media outlets and the podcasts, because we are going on an adventure!