Sunday, October 28, 2018

Chicken Guy is a Smash in the Mouth!

By Josh
     As some may know I have spent some time in the last year in a small Caribbean country on the west side of Hispaniola.  I’m not going to talk about the politics or economics of Haiti, I am going to mention the food though.  I have had some of the best food ever in Haiti.  I am also fairly certain I ate a cat.  The cat came from a street vendor that those I work with call "the chicken lady."  But this isn’t her story. Hell, it has nothing to do with Haiti at all, that was just a setup for the review of The Chicken Guy restaurant at Disney Springs.

     The Chicken Guy is located in the bottom of the Planet Hollywood restaurant and is decorated with a chicken that highly resembles the dude from Smash Mouth.  The first thing that is notable about this restaurant is the prices.  Finally, a restaurant at Disney that doesn’t rob me for mediocre food. (Not saying this is mediocre. Other high priced shit is though. I’m looking at you Dino Bites.)  Side note to this...  The beer is priced the same as the sandwiches, but I guess if the beer was cheaper there, no one would buy beer anywhere else.

     The menu, my god (hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster, he boiled for your sins) the menu!  Hopefully Jake will put a picture of the menu here. (Editor's note: Don't tell me what the hell to do, Josh!) I am not going to list everything here, but I will note that a couple of the sauces such as the special sauce, spicy mustard, bleu cheese, and avocado crema all sound great!  FUCK, I AM STARVING NOW!  I could really go for that triple chocolate mint shake.  Ugh.  Stupid diet.

     After much debate, deliberation, and a short nap I ended up ordering the Loaded Fries.  It was a compromise between that or paying for a combo, honestly.  I have to say that it exceeded my expectations of what I was going to get from the Smash Mouth Chicken.  The sliced chicken strips were crispy and tasty AF, the bacon and green onions where a perfect addition, and the super melty cheese... holy shit!  That was great!  Oh, the fries!  I almost forgot the fries!  They where perfectly cooked and the seasoning was deep and complex.  

     In the end I have to say that I find the menu to be very well priced and interesting.  The opportunity to try the rest of the menu items is definitely exciting and I think that next I am going to try just the tenders with sauces, mostly to concentrate on the sauce.  My only complaint would be that there is a lack of beard cleaning wipes as this dish is not beard friendly and with that I feel that I am going to rate Chicken Guy a solid 4 out of 5 Dimitri's. Would do again.

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