Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Double Whammy!

Need a good way to celebrate Halloween, Mickey Mutineers-style? Fear not! We have two podcast episodes for you that are sure to get you into the spirit!

First off, we have a special Halloween Disaster Hour with Jordan Duncan! He tells us his spooky experiences he's had investigating the paranormal with his team, Paranormal Georgia Investigations. It's a good time for all and wildly interesting stuff!

Next, for the Disney crowd, we invited the always-delightful Safari Mike for a special Halloween episode of Mickey Mutineers where we try to survive the zombie apocalypse in Disney's Animal Kingdom! Not as easy as you might think! Unless you happen  to be an expert on all things Animal Kingdom. (Looking at you, Mike!)

And please be sure to check out Jordan's podcast, It's All In My Head, and listen and read all things Safari Mike over at Jambo Everyone, where you can find his blog and podcast. And have an awesome Halloween!


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