Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mutineer Disaster Hour 6

On this episode of the Mutineer Disaster Hour, our non-Disney side show we do from time to time, we are joined by two very special guests: Safari Mike ( and Zimbabwe Slim! We talk all over the place about all sorts of stuff, and hilarity ensues! Turns out, this is one of our favorite episodes ever. It really is damn good. And we crossover The TripAdvisor Game of Shame into this episode! Knowledge is dropped and laughter is up! Tune into this one! You will not regret it...immediately. Listen in that box over on the right, or better yet, just click here, or go to iTunes! And speaking of iTunes, we've had a few issues lately that our subscribers on iTunes haven't been getting an updated list of episodes. Someone thought we stopped recording back in October! No, the world isn't that lucky, we're still here every week. Let us know if you're having the iTunes issue. And enjoy this episode!

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