Thursday, July 2, 2015

Mickey Mutineers Podcast Episode 126 - Main Street, Coruscant

Geez, what DON'T we talk about in this episode? That might be a shorter list! Let's see, we cover selfie sticks again, more closures in Hollywood Studios, super secret road work being eye-balled in Disney World, Peter Pan in Disneyland, and some exciting expansion rumors swirling around the Anaheim parks! I'm sure there's even more I didn't cover here, plus our patented style of entertainment via tangents, sidetracks, and complete derailment. Sit back, poor yourself a drink, and try to drink away the pain that is The Mickey Mutineers!  As always, you can listen on the player there on the right, unless you're on the mobile page! In that case, CLICK HERE, listen through iTunes, or use your favorite podcast app on your smartphone! If you use iTunes, please, rate and review us! 

See ya. 

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