Friday, February 20, 2015

Really Random Shoe Game

So just like the title suggests, here's a super random game I came up with. Apparently over on, you can make your own custom shoe designs. Me and Josh got together and whipped up some designs inspired by some Disney characters or rides. Eleven designs. And guess what? You get to guess the character or ride! (Don't worry, I'll tell you whether it's a character or a ride.) Here are the 11 shoes! Make your guesses in the comments below! The winner gets nothing. Maybe some respect. I'll post the answers in a week or two.

#1. Character

#2. Character

#3. Character

#4. Ride
#5. Character

#6. Ride
#7. Character. (We argued over this one. There are two correct answers.)

#8. Character

#9. Ride

#10. Character

#11. Character
Godspeed and good luck, Remember, make your guesses in the comments below.

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