Thursday, January 22, 2015

Podcast Episode 105 - Wildly Uncomfortable With Blu Carson

This week on the Mickey Mutineers Podcast, we start things off with some hot news! Unofficial third party Frozen apps! Hat progress! What is going down in Disneyland and California Adventure, and hot super hero talk! And then for our second half, we have Blu Carson, author of Dark Rides: Erotic Disney Theme Park Adventures on the show! And... words cannot express what happens. Either way, buckle up and prepare your stomach, this one is a laugh riot! We warned you. Enjoy! *cue Star Tours jingle.* As always, you can listen on the player there on the right, unless you're on the mobile page! In that case, CLICK HERE, listen through iTunes, or use your favorite podcast app on your smartphone! If you use iTunes, please, rate and review us! Free high fives for anyone that does!

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Condor Flats, from desert to forest.
Sweet Zeus, why is this even a thing??

Could they go any slower??

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