Monday, October 13, 2014

Tomorrowland lives!

Jake is wrong. I think that Tomorrowland fits in Disneyland better than a Trojan Magnum on a midgets arms...  Anyway, Tomorrowland is perfect, and here is why:

Googie architecture abound!
First off, it was an unintended theme, but today it has a sort of "Yesterday's Tomorrow Today" theme.  No really, a googie styled rocket? Check!  Cars? Check!  Freeway? Check! Even Buzz Lightyear almost fits into my imagined theme with his Astro Blaster and B movie sci-fi aliens (I know that the proper term in California is "displaced intergalactic beings").
Still relevent

I will admit that the future must be a tough thing to keep up with, Disney must have realized that, too, so why try?  In fact, they have tried and I kind of think they need to cool their jets and take a step back.  I'm thinking that there should be some sort of slow ride that just propels guests on a short tour of Tomorrowland.  Nothing too fancy, but definitely having googie architecture. OH! Something like inter-terminal train at the George Bush International Airport in Houston!

Yeah! Bring a version of this sucker back!
Preferably without Monsanto.
Innoventions currently has a House of Today attraction, which is okay, but again, I think that they need to step back to yesterday's house of tomorrow.  Man, how neat would it be to see how we thought we would be living in 2011 through 1955's eyes?  In fact, that is where Autopia should go as well.  Make those bitches hover!

As far as the Submarines go...  Move them somewhere else.  They never fit in Tomorrowland.

Okay, Okay, maybe Tomorrowland isn't quite dead, but it does seem to be on life support.  It needs a good shot of penicillin to get it back on an even keel.  Maybe this new movie will help...

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