Friday, October 31, 2014

Podcast Episode 93 - Why Are We Laughing At This?!? (Halloween Special)

The good news is, this episode starts off right at the top with our brand new cover version of The Haunted Mansion! That's right! It freaking rocks! (Unfortunately it's compressed due to podcast reasons, so stay tuned to our website, we'll release the full high quality version.) Then we quickly move into the week in news, and then for our Halloween special, we have maybe the worst idea we've ever had... Remember, inappropriate on so many levels! As always, you can listen on the player there on the right, unless you're on the mobile page! In that case, CLICK HERE, listen through iTunes, or use your favorite podcast app on your smartphone! If you use iTunes, please, rate and review us! Free high fives for anyone that does! 

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