Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Podcast Episode 90

Download the episode right now! This is Mutineers in their classic Mutineers goodness! This week, we cover news from Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and other parks as well! Then we hear about Tim's trip to Disneyland and all the things that pissed him off! Then we get stuck in some really good unplanned conversation about all things Disney parks! It's really good! We finish things up with Listener Questions and sign off! Tune in and have yourself a real good laugh! As always, you can listen on the player there on the right, unless you're on the mobile page! In that case, CLICK HERE, listen through iTunes, or use your favorite podcast app on your smartphone! If you use iTunes, please, rate and review us! Free high fives for anyone that does! Also yo can just watch the video of this episode in the post below, if you want.

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