Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Podcast Episode 71

You want a good episode?! Because this is a damn good episode! We start off with some news that everyone already knows about out of Animal Kingdom about rivers and lights and stuff like that. We breeze through some Star Wars director news, and then spend the bulk of the episode with another arousing rendition of Lawn Chair Imagineering! This time, we tackle that damn Backlot Tour, because it needs loads of fixings! Things get hilariously out of hand real fast and you really shouldn't miss it! Then we round off the episode with a great round of Listener Questions! (And thanks to the listeners that sent them in!) So sit back, strap on, and prepare yourself for this episode of Mickey Mutineers!!! BOOM BOOM! As always, you can listen on the player there on the right, unless you're on the mobile page! In that case, CLICK HERE, listen through iTunes, or use your favorite podcast app on your smartphone! If you use iTunes, please, rate and review us! Free high fives for anyone that does!
Rivers of Light concept art

We try to fix this thing.

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