Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Podcast Episode 70

Hello swabs! This is a very special episode in that it is the audio from our second attempt at a live show, which went over much better than the last one! We now know more of what we're doing and it was a lot of fun! It's also a special episode because during our week off last week, Matt went to San Diego and Jake went to Disney World and we spend the episode talking about both trips! In between tangents, of course. Because that's what we do here at Mickey Mutineers! So enjoy the episode, and below are the pictures we talk about on this episode! Let's do this!!

Dinosaur photo
Splash Mountain photo
Four-story Ursula

Macaroni and Cheese Burger

Hidden Mickey in the Shower
Ariel times how long you pee
Cronut at Epcot

Excited on Spaceship Earth
Still excited on Spaceship Earth!
Frushi at Epcot!

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