Sunday, April 6, 2014

Getting around on the DL.

Hey swabs! Josh here. Have you ever been at Disneyland and needed to get somewhere with a quickness and/or escape the crowds?  Well, good news, there's an app for that.  Not really, but there are a handful of "shortcuts" and routes off of the beaten path that help and are often nice to take.

Shall we begin?

Rancho del Zocalo to Fantasyland. The ultimate Disneyland
First off, say you're in Frontierland and want to get to Fantasyland in a quick way, or vice versa, and don't want to go near the castle or walk all the way around Big Thunder.  Simply walk to the right of the Rancho del Zocalo restaurant and slip out the back.  You will pass some restrooms, that new Fantasy Faire thing, and pop out somewhere near the entrance to the Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthrough. Easy, and no mucking about in hyper space.

Next up, the breezeway between Adventureland and Frontierland.  Not really a shortcut, but another restroom access point. Can help on packed days, though, especially when used in conjunction with the previously mentioned route. Also, it helps when the crowds bottleneck near the Tiki Room and the sacrificing of the virgin at the Dole Whip stand. 
Adventureland to Frontierland. Or the other way. We won't tell.
It'll be our little secret...

Skirting Tomorrowland Terrace. Great for getting from Star
Tours over to the Matterhorn
I'm not sure if this quicker, but I often cut across The Tomorrowland Terrace when rushing around that area.  Seems faster as long as it is not peak meal hours, but if it is you might be able to use Tim's tip and get a free meal...

During the park closing exodus, I rush through the Emporium Shops on Main Street. With the exception of the two alley ways on each side, you can usually clear most of Main Street that way. Yes, there are usually last minute tourists in the shops scrambling for items, but it is usually a lot quicker than walking right down the middle of Main Street, U.S.A.
Your final escape. (Be sure to stop for some candy!)

So there you go. Some quick shortcuts to help you zip around Disneyland park!

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