Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Podcast Episode 60

Hello again, swabs! This week on the Mickey Mutineers podcast, we have the one, the only Rebecca Kelly! ( She's responsible for a whole lot of our audience and just a super fun lady! With her, we cover the recent Oscars, some Magic Kingdom news, and then we play a wild round of Birnbaum's Blitz! The entire episode is just full of fun and hilarious acts of chaos. And singing! Because, singing! We had too much fun. Also there was a surprise hijacking. We're still not sure how it happened but it did. So buckle up for this one, because this episode goes to 11!

Also, Jake may not have been so clear on his "Save the podcast industry" pitch, so if you have any questions, everything is explained in great detail at If you enjoy podcasts, or you have one of your own and enjoy what you do, check that out.

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