Friday, March 28, 2014

My Beginner To-Eat List

Any listener to our podcast or reader of our blog knows two things:

1. We're pretty much out of our minds.
2. All of us have been to Disney World multiple times and are fairly familiar with the shenanigans and goings-ons.

Now that that's out in the open, I will add that I'm finally going back to the World next month. And I have decided that there are items of sustenance that I need to try that I have never had before, despite my many visits.

First up is my second favorite table-service restaurant at Epcot, the Electric Umbrella. Hold on! I know what you're thinking! "But that's...that's nothing special..." Well, maybe, and I go there every trip. Sometime more than once, but last time I was there, this beauty of a burger didn't exist:
*Heavy breathing*
 Who wouldn't want this shoved in their face?! It's macaroni and cheese! It's a cheeseburger! And it's at Epcot. Sign me up!

Next up is an item you're either delighted by, or sick of hearing about. Me, the idea delights me and I have yet to have one. Next up on my list of nom noms:
*Heavy breathing intensifies*
Epcot's Croissant Donut! Or known to the rest of the world as the "cronut." Hell, you can call it "piggy rubber nipples" if you want, I'm still going to eat this thing. Rumor has it that it can be found at the Refreshment Port, and you will also find me there.

Last on this brief list is something I've been wanting to devour ever since I heard of it's existence. Again, it wasn't around on my last trip, but there are two things that excited me most about New Fantasyland: The Seven Dwarfs coaster, and of course:
I can already feel my arteries clogging.
Gaston's Tavern's pork shank! I'm a glutton for the already popular turkey leg, so imagine my excitement when this glorious hunk of meat came to be! And yes, it will be mine.

So that's my list THUS FAR! But here's the thing, I want to open the floor up to you, the listener! I'm taking requests! If you feel there is some snack or meal I really need to try, throw it in the comments! Really! Do it! I want to hear from you, especially when it comes to food! DO IT NOW!

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