Monday, October 14, 2013

A Special Requested TripAdvisor Game of Shame!

It's back! You know it! You love it! You want to cuddle awkwardly with it and maybe be the "big spoon" for once on the sofa. It's the TripAdvisor Game of Shame: Requested Edition! Again, if you don't know what the TripAdvisor Game of Shame is, it's where I (or in today's case, someone else) find a craptastictesticular review on TripAdvisor of a Disney property somewhere in the world and I make fun of them. That's it. Alright, moving on!

Today's specially requested review comes from the Pop Century Resort from a TripAdvisor user named Ceraphina! Here goes:

"Never Again"

 We stayed at the Pop Century for 5 nights (9/20/13 to 9/25/13). We then switched to the Coronado Springs for 5 nights. We had never stayed at the Pop and thought it would be a money saver. We are two adults with college age kids (not with us this time). The room, albeit tiny, was very cute and clean. No problems there. We asked for a quiet location and got a top floor in 50s bldg #3 overlooking the lake. Very quiet. The food court, however, was a nightmare. It was during the Disney Free Dining days and apparently every young family had descended upon the Pop for their stay. We were amazed at the number of parents that will take their kids out of school for a disney trip. Lots of teachers in my family and they all hate when parents have no regard for their child's education. It was too crowded and loud and took forever to get your food and get a spot to eat. What a nightmare. We only ate there a few times. The place is just basically a motel. No frills. The large icons are cute, but the savings were not worth it to us. There were always lots of people waiting in line for park busses. It was pretty hot wating as the lines area has no shade! Next trip we will just save more and get the deluxe resort (Contemporary, Wilderness or Animal Kingdom Lodge) that we would be much more comfortable and happy with. I guess, if you are a young family on a budget go for it. I would hate to have to squeeze a family of 4 or more in those tiny rooms. No wonder there were so many stressed out Moms and Dads with short tempers!

First of all, lady, taking your kids out of school for a Disney trip is doing your kid a huge favor. Basically if you don't, you hate children. You don't hate children, do you? Because it sure as hell sounds like you do! Education shmeducation. They'll learn more about life in a week at Disney World than they will behind a desk. And how dare all these other people wanting to nourish themselves with meals to stay alive at the same time you wanted to eat at the food court! Also, hey guess what, it's a frikkin' value resort. I'm not sure what your expectations were, but, you know... VALUE RESORT! Next time you should just stay at your deluxe resort. Or better yet, stay home. Because your attitude is stifling. Good day, sir!, ma'am. Whatever.

Hey, reader! Back to you. If you find a TripAdvisor review that you think should be featured here, let me know! I take requests! I'll cater to the masses. I'm hip and jive and fresh like that! 

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