Monday, September 23, 2013

Blood Behind the Ink: Peter Pan is a Jerk.

Hey Swabs and Scalawags!  Phew, what a Hell of a last few months.  Now that things are slowing down, I am going to take some time to clack away at the ol' keys and make shit up.  Well, maybe not quite "make up."  I want to take some time to discuss the stories behind some of Disney's classics!  Even though many are children's stories, they weren't always the cute happy stories that the cartoons portrayed.  So as the title suggests, today we are looking at Pan the man, and he was a jerk.

Photo taken moments before Pan ate Tink.
I tend to base my view of Peter Pan on the fun loving Disney version.  He is likable for the most part.  (I mean, he did feed Captain Hook's hand to the damn crocodile, but still...)  Anyhow, we've all seen it, we all love it. But, did you know there is much more in the books?  Yeah.  It's much, much darker than the feature length cartoon shows.

"Come on, Wendy! Watch me massacre children!"

So on to Peter's dark side!  It's only hinted at in the J.M. Barrie books, but it's there.  Barrie says that Peter would "thin the Lost Boys" when they grew old or there was too many of them.  I don't know what that says to you readers out there, but to me it says he killed them.  Now I know some genocide on an imaginary island in the stars may be expected, but that's not all.  Apparently in battle, little Petey Pan would swap sides and start mowing down his own soldiers for the pure fun of it!  I see why Disney left those parts out.  But even in the Disney version he was a bit of a dick.  Banishes Tink, doesn't listen to anyone, slightly pompous.  Hey, he acts like Mice Chat!

Thats where I'm going to end this.  

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