Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Few Announcements and Additions

I promise, we're not dead! (That's how most articles on anything should start out.) Come to find out, summertime is a busy time for all of us here at Mickey Mutineers, and the regular blog posts become slim. However, summertime is over and blog posts should resume shortly, so please remain seated as your ride vehicle may suddenly begin to move.

Alright, next order of business. We have new discussion forums now! That's right, a place for you to go and mingle with us personally and all the other fans of the blog and/or podcast. We promise for it to be fun,informative, and hopefully just plain nuts! But not stuffy and pompous like some of those other Disney-related discussion forums! We won't stand for that! So, please, at the top of this page, just click the "Forums" tab, register, and let's have some fun! A small group of us have already started, so just jump in and join the party!

Oh, did you notice that other little tab up there? The one that says "Store?" Hey, that goes to our new store! Have you always wanted to proudly display your Mickey Mutineers devotion? No? Oh..well this is awkward... Well, in case you ever do, go to our store! We will be adding new items and merchandise as time goes on. If there's a particular style of anything you want, let us know! We'll put it together and throw it up on the store. All purchases help support the madness we create here, whether it be the blog or podcast. And speaking of which...

If you haven't heard our latest podcast episode with Safari Mike, check it out! It's so good! Look, the post is right below this one. You can't miss it. Give it a listen.

That's pretty much it for announcements. Join in our forums, check out our store, listen to our episode with Safari Mike. If Mickey Mutineers merch isn't your jam, please continue to click through our Amazon banner up there and do your normal Amazon shopping. And thank you, the listener or reader, for sticking with us this far! You're the reason we do it, and we hope we can make you laugh and/or shake your head in disgust for a long time to come!

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