Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Big Ones...

So it’s officially summer time! I've been waiting for this moment for over a year. Not really, but it sounded good! Not as good as a doughnut, but close. I’m sorry, I lied again, a doughnut is WAY better than summer time! Have any of you ever tried to go to a Disney park during the summer? I would rather eat a doughnut, but if you’re going to be a brave soul and conquer the parks during the summer season, may I suggest a few “big hits” that you just cannot afford to miss.

This is the Space Mountain entrance. It comes up
later in this post.
If you’re traveling to Disneyland, you may as well make the trip worthwhile and get yourself a park hopper ticket so you can enjoy California Adventure as well. And go for more than one day! Just do it, it’s worth it. With that out of the way, you’re ready to head to the parks. Make sure you have your water bottles and snacks ready; it’s going to be hot! And plan on fighting an enormous amount of crowds while you’re there. Some of these crowds pack a mean bow staff, so prepare for that.  You need to have that mindset in your head before you even set foot on this adventure of your's. It’s going to be packed, so plan for it so you don’t lose your mind when you get there. That being said, “LET’S DO THIS!” (Editor's note: Double fist pump.)

Know it. Use it. Spoon with it.
So it’s packed, you didn't plan things out at all, and now you’re walking around with your mouth opened as if to say “I've made a huge mistake”. Don’t worry; you can still make the trip fun! First and foremost, utilize your Fastpasses! If I were you, I would head over to either Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, or Splash Mountain and get a Fastpass for one of them. After that, go wait in line for another big ticket ride. By the time you’re done with waiting in line, and riding a ride, it may be time to go hit up your fast pass ride. Repeat this process as much as you can, but please, for the love of Zeus, don’t forget to hit the good rides!

Just in case you didn't
know what Pocky Sticks
Yes, all the rides at Disneyland are good, but can we all agree that some are better than others? I mean, you can’t say that Indiana Jones is as good as Winnie the Pooh…that’s like saying my favorite food is tri-tip and Pocky Sticks. Those are the same in my eyes! Wait, no, not at all! Tri-tip is way better! So is Indiana Jones. What I’m saying is if you had a choice between the two, you better choose Indy!

Another big hit you have to go on is a classic. The one, the only, the Haunted Mansion! I mean, where else can you hang out with 999 happy haunts? Nowhere but Disneyland, that’s where! (Or any Magic Kingdom park, really... but this is a Disneyland post!) It’s a great ride, and a must do, as well as Big Thunder, Space Mountain, and the Matterhorn Bobsleds. These are all amazing rides at Disneyland, but the one you want to go on for sure, is Splash Mountain. Why? Because it’s called Splash Mountain, not Sprinkle Hill, not Dewdrop Forest, Splash freaking Mountain. It’s called Splash Mountain because you get wet…or soaked, depending on where you sit, and how many fatties are on the log with you. It’s a great summer ride, and it’s just flat out awesome.

Man, they're really letting the landscaping get out of hand...
Mara: The exact opposite of a Weeping Angel.
If you’re in the parks this summer, I salute you. You’re a brave soul who demands the respect and pity of us all. So if you find yourself at Disneyland this summer, make sure you ride on the rides that I've just mentioned. They are great rides, full of flavor and awesomeness, and will not disappoint! Also, if you really want to hit everything in the park this summer, may I suggest visiting Spend the six bucks, get yourself an itinerary for the park, and follow it to a “T.” You’ll hit everything in a matter of hours! Don’t knock it till you try it, and have a great time at Disneyland!

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