Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Most Expensive Practical Joke I've Pulled

You know what's fun? Going to Disney World. You know what else is fun? Blowing your family's freaking minds at Disney World! This is a true story.

You all know Mutineer Tim. He's my older brother and contributor to this very blog and co-host of our podcast. He lives in the jungles of Oregon. Back in March of 2010, me and my wife were visiting Tim and his family because, hey, that's what we do. During our trip, his family decided to plan a Walt Disney World vacation the very next month. "Jake!" he says. "You guys should totally come with us on our crazy awesome trip!" 
"Aw," says I. "We would love to, but by golly gee whiz, we just can't afford that right now."

Lie #1.

After a very quick secret discussion with my wife, we decided heck yes we're going to go! But we're not going to tell them that! Not only did we plan a completely secret trip, I even sneakily booked it on Tim's computer right there in his house. Boom. Done.

Flash forward a month. Our trip was scheduled two days before their's so we could get there before them and stake out the local surroundings. We were even staying at the same hotel as them, the good ol' Pop Century Resort. To hide our secret, we had to tell other family members that we were just going to visit my wife's brother in northern Utah. Basically, no one knew where we really were. 

For those of you keeping score at home, that's Lie #2.

We arrived in Orlando, survived a night of hellish storms and tornado warnings in Downtown Disney (that's a whole other blog post for later) and finally came upon the night they arrived at the Pop Century Resort. From a safe distance, we watched their Magical Express bus pull up, saw them disembark, check in, and walk to their room. Okay. So far, so good.

The next day I had to put on my acting pants. I called Tim first thing in the morning and played the super jealous, wish-I-was-there brother. I had convinced him that for that day, the Magic Kingdom would have the most manageable crowds. So me and my wife grabbed breakfast, headed to the Magic Kingdom, slipped in a quick Space Mountain flight, and then put my acting pants back on and called Tim again.

"Oh man! How is it? Is the weather good? That's cool. What ride are you guys going to hit first? Oh, the carousel? Well have fun. Wish we could have gone too!"

Okay, that's like Lie #3, 4, and 5 in there somewhere. 

So we found them at the carousel, hid in a gift shop, got the video camera out, and the rest is best told via the footage captured that day:

Yeah. That was a thing that happened. Moral of the story: Don't trust your brother. He's going to show up on your family vacation.

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