Friday, May 17, 2013

Now THAT sir… is a Geodesic Gem!

Man, it’s been a while. I’ve been slacking in the Gem department and now it’s time to remedy that! Gems, for those of you just jumping on board, are special things at Disney Parks that are special. Not just special to you, or to your grandma, but special to the history of Disney. When you see them, or learn about them, you understand why it’s classified as a gem. So how do you find these nuggets of awesomeness? Well you can do a little research for one, or just ask a cast member! Sometimes gems are hidden; sometimes they block your view! The gem I’m bringing into light today is non-other than the giant geodesic sphere that’s sitting at EPCOT!

During construction. You can see
the ride path on the inside.
That’s right folks, it’s time to give Spaceship Earth some love, and after all, it truly deserves it. Spaceship Earth opened in 1982 and has withstood the sands of time since! It’s a giant ball! You can see it from miles away, and Disney has used it for lots of awesome advertisement. They can put gigantic banners on this thing for any occasion, but the coolest thing they've ever done just happened a few weeks ago when they projected Mike Wazowski’s image on it, making the entire sphere a green monster with one pretty blue eye!
One helluva 3D puzzle.

You know what makes the structure of Spaceship Earth amazing? It was the first spherical building to  be raised completely off the ground. That's right! The first. Others came close, but they just couldn't make the literal leap. With the ability for guests to walk all the way underneath it, you'd think that the famous Florida rainstorms would turn it into a giant waterfall on all sides, right? Wrong! Between all those silver triangles of happiness is a nifty gutter system that drains all the runoff into World Showcase Lagoon. No drowning tourists!

Your time travel vehicles

The birth of communication.
Aside from the cool advertisement on the giant golf ball and the amazing engineering structure that it is, the ride inside isn't bad either! Okay, let’s be honest, the ride inside isn't anything less than AMAZING! It’s a fantastic ride, and best of all, it’s always a walk-on every time I’m at Disney World, thanks to the wonderful omnimover technology. The ride itself has quite a history. As I stated earlier, it opened in 1982, and has had a number of narrators over the years, four to be exact. My favorite so far has been Jeremy Irons, but Judi Dench is a close second. I loved relaxing and realizing that “Scar” was teaching me a lot of valuable historical facts! The ride fits in perfectly with EPCOT’s theme, and it’s educational! After all, Epcot is the “educational” theme park…
Steve here is one of the newest additions.

Like any other Disney ride, Spaceship Earth has been modified over the years, and I for one enjoy looking at the new things they throw in! The Woolly Mammoth that used to greet you in the beginning has been replaced by a CGI Mammoth, and I’m fine with that. Some has said it cheapened the experience, but to them I say nay! Spaceship earth isn't some cheap hooker with cheap tricks! It’s a historical behemoth that has been entertaining crowds since 1982! That’s 31 years of awesomeness!

The mural that greets you as you enter this awesome ride.
Just look at all the detail put into it!
Spaceship Earth is a gem, and has proven that over and over again! Here’s a nice traveler tip, if you feel the need for a power nap, this ride has you covered! Since most of it is climbing its way up the golf ball, you’re naturally laid back! You can sleep for about 10 minutes! Sit back and let the music do the work, just don’t wake up when you get to the top! Looking at the earth from the moon really made me wonder what the hell had just happened! If you haven't experienced this marvel, I highly recommend you make it a priority on your next visit.

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