Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Great Gags-O-Plenty

Hey everyone! I'm back, and BETTER than ever... Okay, so not really, but it's my turn to take the helm and post something awesome about Disney! I had to give this some thought because to me, everything about Disney is awesome, except for the Country Bears movie. That one can rot in hell. And most things on the Disney Channel. Those can also rot. And The Haunted Mansion Movie... Okay, you know what? Most things about Disney are awesome. Disney parks have a lot to offer for entertainment. As we all know, they also offer a few fun gags in there parks. "Gags"? Yes, you know, like jokes, silly stuff, fun stuff, stuff that makes you laugh out loud! The best place to go for these types of gags is none other than TOONTOWN.
See? There's an entire warehouse full of gags!
Gags, and generic Disneyland merchandise. But still... 


I feel that Toontown is one of those areas in Disneyland that seems a little underrated. For one, it has two really fun rides: Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin and Gadget's Go-Coaster! Both are zany, loony, and dang it, they're fun! Also on a special note, Roger Rabbit has one of the coolest queues you can walk through. Toontown is a place full of mischief. It's everywhere! As soon as you go under the train bridge, you're engulfed in silly slap stick comedy and it always seems to put a huge smile on my face.
Huh. Tastes like chloroform. 

Seriously one of my favorite things ever. EVER.
So why is it so funny? Well, first off, it's Toontown! Second, if you don't laugh at the sign that states "This is a blank sign", you have no soul. There are a lot of hands-on things for adults and kids to check out. For example, go give that TNT plunger a push in front of the fireworks house and see what happens. And while you're over there, try to lift the handles on a few of those boxes! Watch out for that train though...

Do it. Come on. Peer pressure! Peeeeer pressure!
In that same area there's a special gag that always gets some laughs, especially if you act out the part. I'm talking about the electric company's door! It's shocking that more folks don't' know about that! Grab the handle, pull back, and scream! It's fun, trust me. It doesn't even matter how loud you scream, it's funny! Toontown was built for that purpose, to have everyone just be silly! Grab the phone right there as well, see whats going on!

Aside from those gags, there are fish floating in gas tanks, the water fountain by the restroom makes funny noises, and I think it would be hilarious to put flatulent sounds in the bathrooms. Or is that too far? Nah, I'm sticking with it. I feel that Disney is missing a huge opportunity here! If that's not your cup of tea, go check out Minnie and Mickey's houses. They to have a ton of awesome stuff to look at inside, and Minnie's dish washer is epic. But there's something strange about her cookies. I can't quite put my finger on it... And be sure to check out Goofy's House of Not-Much-Really-Going-On-Here. It used to be a Bounce House, but now it's just empty and furnished with the tears of orphans. I think Goofy moved and didn't tell anyone.
Mickey's House and the rolling green hills of Toontown.

Toontown is a great addition to Disneyland, and has been ever since it opened in 1993. Laughter was the goal of this new land, and guess what...they nailed it! The theming is fantastic! I just wish I could get a scotch on the rocks..."And I mean ICE!"

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