Sunday, April 14, 2013

Podcast Episode 13: Top 9 Attractions (According to Us) Mini-Sode

Hey gang! This week we have a short episode from the Berm Bank, because Josh decided he was going to leave town like a lone gun slinging drifter... Or it might be job-related. Who knows. But this week, we get together and list the Top 9 Attractions, according to us. Does your favorite ride make the list? Probably not. But listen and find out anyway! And remember, you can listen right now on the podcast player on the right side of this page! Unless, of course, you're viewing the mobile version of our site. In that case, CLICK HERE to find all of our episodes that you can listen to right now! Or just subscribe on iTunes.
(Oh, and heads up. Next week's episode is a mini-sode from the Berm Bank as well. Even when we take a break, you still get content!)


  1. Hell to the yeah. Haunted Mansion and Breathing Doors. Favourite part. :D

  2. Does it get better than that? I submit that it does not!