Thursday, April 4, 2013

Epcot's Other Half

Future World.  It's different than Tomorrowland. It has an ocean thing. But it is slightly more than that.  While Tomorrowland is the future that never was, I feel that Epcot's Future World is more grounded in reality.  It is almost the future that is happening right now.  "But Josh, isn't that the present?"  Hey, mind your own business.  Can we agree on not-so-distant-future? Okay. Grand. Moving on.

Spaceship Earth.
Now, while most Disney parks are broken down into "lands," Epcot is as well, they are just called "pavilions" there.  Future World has six, two halves, and one quarter of a pavilion.  Calm down, I'll explain.  The two halves are Innoventions and Space Ship Earth, although I am not sure Space Ship Earth is a pavilion.  Might be a center piece attraction thingy.  The quarter is the empty Wonders of Life  pavilion.

Okay, we made it through that.  I could break down every pavilion but I think that I will leave that for The Mickey Mutineers: Oh No, Not Another Unofficial Walt Disney World Guide Book.  Don't hold your breath for that though, we haven't made it very far.  Apparently all we have is a title.  As per my own idiom I am going to touch on a couple of my favorite attractions.

This queue is full of happy and awesome.
Let's start in the Land pavilion.  I have two favorites there.  Soarin' and the boat ride through the Land.  I'm not sure what that second one is really called, but I like it.  Soarin' over California is a great ride, but I think it needs to be more than a clone at Epcot. Many have said it and I agree: it needs to have a more worldly theme to it.  But hey, it's still an amazing experience.  The Land boat ride through the gardens is a nice slow roll.  A relaxing ride.  You get to see veggies, Mickey pumpkins, and Disney working with NASA on some top secret super veggie in space experiment.  I don't know what really goes on there so just stick with that.

Yes, the danger must be growing,
for the rowers keep on rowing!
Just imagine little drops of pain hitting your eyes.
Now, we go over to the Test Track pavilion to ride Test Track.  Who doesn't like the gamble of waiting in line for over an hour to have the ride break as soon as you get out of the pre-show area?  Now if you do make it on the ride, you will twist and turn and feel the wind in your hair while cruising through a Tron-esque environment.  Also, when you get outside and a notorious Florida thunder storm lands,  the rain pelting you at 60 MPH hurts like hell.

Next to Test Track is the Mission Space pavilion, which replaced the old Horizons, which I never had the honor of riding.  Mission Space is fun, but it is more about thrill junkie bullshit than edutainment.  Just don't close your eyes and don't look at Jake.  You will get sick.
Hey! Nausea and claustrophobia all rolled into one!

Those are my personal don't-miss attractions in Epcot's Future World.  That said, the family and I easily spend two full days roaming Epcot and I would suggest to anyone to do the same.  There are great nooks and crannies and great attractions.  You can learn a thing or three and you will have fun doing it.  As far as all of Epcot's pavilions, don't worry I will be breaking each one down in the near future...  

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