Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ah, Son of a Stitch!

When was the last time you had Cracker Jacks?  I'm eating some right now and I had forgotten how delicious they are. I suggest you go buy some right now. Well, finish reading this post first, then go buy some. Hey, you know what is entirely unlike Cracker Jacks in most ways? Stitch's Great Escape at the Magic Kingdom. And it is time for me to tackle this putrid stink of an attraction. I know, I know, I'm not really breaking any sort of new ground here, but it's time you know where my heart lies and why.

Oh good. At least Skippy is still here.
I like the film, Lilo and Stitch. I like Stitch as a character. When I heard Stitch was coming to the Magic Kingdom, I was pink as punch! But then my excitement, along with a little piece of my soul, died a little that day. For I found out Stitch was to replace The ExtraTERRORestrial: Alien Encounter, one of the most horrifying, spectacular, make-you-crap-yours-and-your-buddy's-pants-at-the-same-time ride that has ever existed. I'd tell you about it, but Tim already did a pretty good job at that. 

So what happened here? The popular theory is that Alien Encounter was just too scary for kid/adults/elderly/barnacles. I'm not sure why this is a bad thing. Disney took a chance here by boldly going where no Disney ride had gone before: into your psyche and your deepest fears. And it was spectacular. But I guess people are just boobers and whiners and didn't like fear injected into their brains. What was Disney's answer to this? Stitch.

Arrghh! S.I.R.? What have they done to you?!
The new story of the ride goes something like this: You are a new recruit to be a guard at this intergalactic prison where they teleport prisoners of various threat levels in for their stay. Well, wouldn't you know it, Stitch gets teleported in and things go awry. He runs amok, causes cutesy mischief, and steals a chili dog and burps it in your face. Seriously. You get a face-full of freaking hot, steamy chili dog stench. You know, for kids! And for the grand finale, Stitch escapes this underwhelming excuse for a prison via some sort of space cruiser and lands in... the Magic Kingdom. At Cinderella's castle. Wait, what? Why? 

This end scene goes against everything the Disney theme parks shoot for. Every land, every attraction, every lamp post is themed in a way that says "Hey, you are really in this environment. This is supposed to be real. You're supposed to leave the outside world behind and believe you are here!" But what the ending of Stitch's Great Escape says is "HEY YOU'RE IN A THEME PARK, REMEMBER? AREN'T WE CLEVER?! SHOULD I SHOUT LOUDER?" Ugh.

Remember how I mentioned that Alien Encounter was deemed too scary? Guess what? Kids are the major demographic of this attraction. Guess what else? Kids are still seeing this as too damn scary! Major portions of the ride take place in complete darkness with the guest strapped helplessly to their seats. Oh, and two giant laser Gatling guns blast the audience. You know, for kids! If your demographic is avoiding you, you're not doing a very good job.
It's pretty damn hard to be an effective prison guard when you're strapped into your seat, now isn't it?

And lastly, what really flares my unspecified rash, is that the animatronics in this ride are amazing! Wait, what? Praise? Yes! Praise! The two giant guns on the ceiling and the Stitch figure himself are some of the most fluid figures I've ever seen! And their movements are fast! Why does this irritate me? Because they're on such a piss poor attraction! It's almost like wasted resources. I don't like it and I won't stand for it.

All that being said, if I'm visiting the Magic Kingdom and the ride doesn't have a wait, I'll walk on and check it out. What's sad is that this ride is so popular, that even on the busiest days, you'll usually find that it's a walk on. Now that's integrity!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Podcast Episode 15

Ahoy swabs and mutineers alike! We're back! Josh is back! A full actual episode is back! Can life get any better for you? I certainly hope so! And remember, you can listen on that thar player on the right of this page, unless you're viewing the mobile version! In that case, CLICK HERE and go directly to the download page! Or just find us on iTunes. That works too. Hey, options! This week, we have a very special treat for you as we add our oldest brother Matt to the Mutineer roster! That's right, now you have to keep up with four of us! On this episode, Josh gives us the skinny on where he's been and compares the Disney parks to the Six Flags parks. Jake talks about the new Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland and how he is jealous that we can't have nice things here. Tim talks about donuts, and Matt helps us answer some listener questions. Ah, 'tis good to be back!

Monday, April 22, 2013

If you only had time for one......

Hey, gang! I hope you're all having a good week so far, because it’s about to get even better! No, you didn't win anything for reading this, and no, your boss didn't just give you a raise…well, maybe he did. I don’t know your boss, but I’m going to give all of you some pretty good advice when visiting Disneyland and California Adventure!

Say you only have a limited amount of time at the parks, so limited that you only have enough time to see one show at night. Which one do you choose? There are a few to choose from, and let me tell you, they’re all great. How do you know what one to go for? How do you know which one you and your family will enjoy the most? Well my fine fellow or madam, that’s entirely up to you, but I’ll give you some info on all of them to make the decision a little less complicated.

Yeah! Now THAT'S a dragon!
First and foremost, there’s Fantasmic! Fantasmic is an amazing show filled with top-notch special effects, fountains that Disney can project images on, and a really scary looking dragon! The dragon was updated two years ago and I have to say, it’s pretty impressive. Its movement is way more fluid than the last one, and it just looks menacing! Not like a dragon head on a stick, like the last one. Most kids love this show, until the dragon comes out, but after Mickey slays the beast with his magic sparkle sword, it gets happy again! Lots of songs, dancing around, fire, water, and loud noises, so if you or your little ones are a little jumpy, then you should all man up! Or just sit this one out. But I'll probably judge you and your kids from afar.

Oh shit! It breathes fire!
Can you imagine how cool you would be at parties
if you could do this?
It's glorious!
The next on the list is of course Disneyland’s signature fireworks show. The good news here is that various fireworks shows rotate depending on the season. There's the summer show, special Halloween and Christmas shows, and a "the rest of the year" show. To put it simply: it’s amazing. Disney has mastered the craft of timing the fireworks with their amazing symphonies like clockwork. It’s incredible to see the explosions go hand in hand with the music in a violent, loving embrace of symphony and explosions. It’s dramatic, fantastic, and with the right music going, may even bring a tear to your eye! And if you watch them with a view of Sleeping Beauty Castle, you get some awesome projections painted across the castle that go along with the show! The only downside to the firework shows is that they’re only held on Friday’s, Saturdays, and Sundays in the off season. But nightly in the summer! Too many Anaheim residents complained about the noise…but I always say, “Disney was there first!” Because I’m right, they were! The thing with the fireworks is that yes, they are beautiful and triumphant, but if you have little kiddo’s, the loud “BOOMS” might not be what they would call “epic." More like "listening to fear itself."
Part of the Halloween show.

"The wonderful World of Color!"
The last one I would like to mention in this quip is the one and only World of Color! What’s the World of Color? It’s quite possibly the most amazing thing my eyes have ever seen! It’s a fountain show on steroids! Nay, more than steroids! Probably whatever Godzilla was on! Disney completely outdid themselves on that show, and the best part is, you can watch it every single night at Disney California Adventure. Your eyes will feast on the brilliant colors they can put into each fountain! Your soul will dance along with the water as it majestically stays in rhythm with the music, and let’s not forget about the projections that Disney puts on the water! It’s just like the projections at Fantasmic, only a million times better! But it goes beyond that! There are lasers, flames, and more. Even Mickey's Fun Wheel and California Screamin' become part of the show, serving as backdrops for projections and lighting effects.
Water has never been this awesome.

Ooo! There're fire here, too!
I can watch this show every single night I’m at the parks and every time without fail, I get goose bumps all over my body. I can’t even put into words how amazing this show is, and if you choose to sample it on YouTube, it still doesn't do it justice. You’re completely consumed by every color on the richest pallet in the world. Hands down, if you had to only see one show in the parks, this would be the one I would choose!
Laser Zurg mocks you and your family!

So, my Disney aficionados, in conclusion, the choice is ultimately yours to make. You really can’t go wrong with any of these choices. Each one is specifically designed to entertain and create excitement and tug at all the magical things that hold your feelings together! The dragon in Fantasmic is incredible, seeing Tinkerbell fly over the castle is magical, and the World of Color just plain kicks ass! Disney dedicates itself to giving you, us, we, them...er.. everybody the best experience possible, and they do it by having a lot of different options for your enjoyment. They’re the masters of storytelling, and always will be. The dedication and preparation they put into each show is mind blowing, and none of them will disappoint. The only thing I can say is this, if you had to choose one, in my opinion, World of Color is the all-around winner! Enjoy the parks!

(Editor's note: I've watched all these shows with Tim. He cries every time.)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Podcast Episode 14: Disney Trivia Mini-sode!

Listen up, swabs! This week's episode comes from the Berm Bank again, because Josh is still out of town! So that's a thing. This week, Josh cracks open his Disney Trivia cards and make Jake and Tim go head to head to a Disney Trivia battle to the death! Well, maybe not death, but to the pain! So enjoy this short episode, and our regular madness shall resume next week. And remember, you can listen on the player on the right side of this page, unless you're viewing the mobile version of our site. In that case, CLICK HERE to listen or just subscribe on iTunes. And then rate us. And then tell two friends. And then they'll tell two friends, and then they'll tell two friends, and then they'll tell two friends, and then they'll tell two friends, and then they'll tell two friends, ... ....... .... ... .......

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Disneyland Deep Thoughts

Hey, have a quicky! Obviously this isn't my work, but it still makes me laugh. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Podcast Episode 13: Top 9 Attractions (According to Us) Mini-Sode

Hey gang! This week we have a short episode from the Berm Bank, because Josh decided he was going to leave town like a lone gun slinging drifter... Or it might be job-related. Who knows. But this week, we get together and list the Top 9 Attractions, according to us. Does your favorite ride make the list? Probably not. But listen and find out anyway! And remember, you can listen right now on the podcast player on the right side of this page! Unless, of course, you're viewing the mobile version of our site. In that case, CLICK HERE to find all of our episodes that you can listen to right now! Or just subscribe on iTunes.
(Oh, and heads up. Next week's episode is a mini-sode from the Berm Bank as well. Even when we take a break, you still get content!)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Attraction Clashin': Tower of Terror

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, hamburgers and buns, dogs and cats, stuff and other things... Welcome back to another edition of Attraction Clashin', where a ride from the Disneyland Resort squares off with its counterpart from across the country in Walt Disney World to an ultimate FIGHT TO THE DEATH! Okay, maybe not death, but you get the idea. The two Titans of Trepidation going head to head this week are none other than The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and... the... Twilight Zone Tower of Terror... yeah... That didn't quite roll off the way I would have liked.
Hollywood Studios VS...

California Adventure
First off, a very quick history lesson. Disney World's version opened in July, 1994 at Hollywood Studios (then called Disney-MGM Studios.) It was the first iteration of the Tower to grace this planet. California Adventure's version opened in May, 2004. For some reason it took ten years to get a second Tower up and running. Alright, history lesson over. Let's FIGHT!

The battle starts off with rider capacity! Both versions seat twenty-one guests in each ride vehicle. So far it's anyone's game! California Adventure's Tower has three elevator shafts that run with two vehicles each. So while one vehicle is actually in the ride shaft, the other vehicle is loading or unloading its participants. Disney World's version has four shafts. But here's the kicker: the ride vehicle itself leaves the shaft on this ride and travels horizontally through a mind-bending "5th Dimension" room and funnels into one of two drop shafts. I'm not sure how the math works out (because I always sucked at geography,) but while Disney World's "5th Dimension" room is insanely awesome, California Adventure comes out swinging with a higher rider capacity!
Your ride vehicle...OF DOOM!

Story lines! Story lines are important! Both rides throw their story lines at each other for this round! But, awkwardly, both versions have the exact same story line of lightning striking the hotel elevators one dark and stormy night and you (the rider) are going to relive that experience. So the story line fight is a tie and both rides are caught in what appears to be an intense cuddle in the center of the ring. California Adventure still has the lead.

Uh oh. Disney World's Tower looks pissed, and right-hooks the opposing Tower with appearance! While both Towers sit in the Hollywood areas of their respective parks, both have vastly different aesthetic styles to them. California Adventure's Tower is a stucco, mission-style building, sitting on the flat ground, tucked around a corner of the street, and neighbors a bunch of adorable bugs in A Bug's Land. It looks neat, but not really terror-inducing. Disney World's version, on the other hand, sits up on a hill, looming over the Sunset Boulevard-themed straight shot of a street. It's not tucked around any corners behind an Animation building. From the center of Hollywood Studios, you can see it. It mocks you. It dares you to even come close to it. It laughs at your feeble attempts to hide your children! Yes sir, Disney World's Tower has California's against the ropes this time around!

That creepy damn hallway!
But it's not over yet! Now the fight gets dirty! While both story lines are exactly the same, the ride experience itself is different! California Adventure tries to fight back with it's cost-cutting ride experience.  Here, the ride shaft you start in is the ride shaft you stay in. It has that creepy mirror effect where you watch yourself disappear. It has the hallway where you watch the past hotel patrons disappear along with the hallway itself. And then you drop. And then you go up. And then a few more ups and downs. The drop sequence is the same every time. Ride it enough and you can anticipate every  move the elevator car will make. California's Tower thinks it has gained the upper hand. Disney World's thinks otherwise. Although Disney World's Tower doesn't have the creepy mirror effect, it does have the mind-bending, supernatural, previously mentioned 5th Dimension room. Elevators only go up and down, right? Wrong! Your elevator car leaves its shaft, and plunges forward into inky blackness, with all sorts of weird goings-ons and what-nots. A giant eyeball! Windows! Clocks! Other wacky crap! Just making your mind spin from the most eerie depths of all that you know! And then the stars. In front of you the stars gather in the darkness, closer and closer until they become one great beam of light that splits the darkness open into...more darkness. What the hell just happened? And then you drop.

But it's not over yet.

You don't merely just "drop." In this Tower, every drop sequence, every time you ride, is completely randomized. You never know what's going to happen. Sometimes your first drop might be straight up rather than down! Or you might drop down twice in a row! How is that possible? I don't know! Don't question the Twilight Zone!

Oh. Oh my. California Adventure's Tower seems to be laying down in a puddle of its own urine. I think it's pretty clear who the winner is this round, folks. Even though it got the equivalent of a paper cut from its lower capacity, Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios is far superior to Tower of Terror at California Adventure
Our champion!

But the real winner is you if you didn't giggle as much as I did every time I typed "shaft."

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

20,000 Gems Under the What?

Soooo...how’s everyone doing? Good? Great? So, so? Poopy? Well fear not, this entry on Disney Gems is sure to give you a smile. Or not. However you want to handle it. It made me smile though...A lot! This gem comes from a ride that has been open since 1969. A ride that, like most other Disney rides, has withstood the sands of time. But I’m not talking about the ride itself, oh no. I'm talking about what’s inside of this precious Disneyland attraction, and no, its not Donald’s chair (I’ll get to that some other time). And if you haven’t already guessed what ride I’m talking about here, it's the Haunted Mansion...again!

We're here again? Yes!
The organ inside the ballroom.
Like I wrote in my last post, you can see new things in this ride every time you ride it, but one thing in particular has been right in plain site. I don’t think many people know of its origin, or that it's considered a gem. It’s not a small gem either. It's a rather huge one, with Disney gem gooeyness all over it! So what’s this gem then? It’s none other than the organ in the dancing room! You know the one the ghost is playing with all of the skull heads coming out of it. Why is this a gem? It’s just a rickety old organ, or is it? You may not know this, but that organ has a history, an awesome one at that! Lets dive in, shall we?

In 1954 there was a Disney film that hit theaters by storm. It was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which has taken claim to be one of the best adaptations of a book to film, and also Walt Disney’s first science fiction film. The film took home two academy awards, and was nominated for a third! So what's special about this film? Why am I trying to link a sci-fi movie to the Haunted Mansion? To this I say “Watch the movie again, or just YouTube the scene where Captain Nemo is playing the organ."  In that scene, look closely at the organ he’s pounding on with precise finger precision. Do you recognize it? You should, because you look at it every single time you ride the Haunted Mansion!
Captain Nemo playing with his organ...

That's right, Captain Nemo’s organ has survived today at Disneyland inside of the Mansion. Pretty awesome huh? I thought so. It’s just another classic example of what Disney gems are and how you can totally miss them if you're not looking close enough. The pipes on the organ were changed to better match the ambiance of the ride, but it's the same exact organ from 20,000 Leagues! I feel that it’s a perfect fit into the Mansion because that place is full of random artifacts, and it looks creepy as well! My hat is off yet again to the Imagineers for implementing that gem inside of the ride. Nemo’s organ will live on for years to come as a spectacular piece of Disney history.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Pixar Conspiracy

The studio that can mostly do no wrong! PIXAR! We all know it. We all love it. And we all notice the little Easter Eggs hidden throughout every movie. The Pizza Planet truck. The ball with a star on it. Recurring background characters. We all thought these were just clever in-jokes by Pixar's animators, right? Wrong! Maybe they're not in-jokes. Maybe all these recurring things pop up because every Pixar movie takes place within the same collective universe! Don't question it! Just follow me. Here we go, listing the films in the chronological order that they happen!

1. Brave. The witch clearly has some magical power that lets her see into the future. That's why she has a wood carving of the Pizza Planet truck and a wooden plaque of Sully from Monster's Inc. Ok, moving on.

2. The Incredibles. Set sometime in the 20th century. Judging from the car models and styles of everything, I would say sometime in the 70's or 80's. Pizza Planet also hasn't been created yet. This is also the only Pixar movie without the truck we all know and love.

3-10. Toy Story 1,2, and 3, Bug's Life, Monsters Inc., Finding Nemo, Ratatouille, and Up all take place around the same time period. Buzz chops Heimlich (the caterpillar from Bug's Life) off a branch in Toy Story 2. Randall from Monsters Inc. ends up at the trailer that is also the home of Bug City in Bug's Life. There are many other examples, but you can see how these films are intertwined.

Here's where we take a dark turn.

11. Wall-E. Humans have wasted the Earth and it's time to move on. We employ a whole host of very advanced robots to serve us and clean up our mess here on Earth while we're gone. After 700-something years in space, we humans have become fat, worthless blobs. And the robots seem to have gotten smarter. According to the ship's computer, they also have a complete history and memory of past life on earth. At the end of the movie, the humans come back to Earth and seem to be thriving.

     And now a darker turn. This hasn't been shown in any Pixar movie, but countless other movies have shown us that when we start to rely on robots, they realize that they don't need us anymore. Sometime after the events of Wall-E, the robots turn on the humans and eradicate every last one of us. Which brings us to the final two movies.

12. Cars 1 and 2. After the robots take out the human race, they try to start over and carry on the human way of life, but without us. They use the Axiom's memory from Wall-E and rebuild to the way things were. They build themselves into cars and planes, start cities, build freeways. Everything in life we had. Except our existence. And the robots, who are now cars, flourish.

And that's why secretly a lot of people found the Cars movies to be creepy and soulless.

Don't trust those smiles!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Podcast Episode 12

Hey gang! Welcome back this week! Buckle up for a doozy of hilarity this week! Remember, you can listen to the podcast on the player over there on the right, unless you're viewing our mobile site. In that case, CLICK HERE! We start things out with a listener question, Tim talks food! Specifically in Epcot. At Morocco. Then there's something about the Finding Nemo sequel. And Tim talks food again!  And then some talks of the first bit of Marvel that is finally coming to the parks of Disney! There's some other stuff too, but I can't listen as fast as we talk on here so I miss some things. Please enjoy!

Also, if you want to support the show without actually throwing money at us (most people just want to throw bricks at us) just click our Amazon banner up there on the top right and do your normal Amazon shopping. It doesn't cost you a penny extra for the things you would normally buy, even Kindle books and movies, and we get a small kickback in return. And we greatly appreciate it!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Epcot's Other Half

Future World.  It's different than Tomorrowland. It has an ocean thing. But it is slightly more than that.  While Tomorrowland is the future that never was, I feel that Epcot's Future World is more grounded in reality.  It is almost the future that is happening right now.  "But Josh, isn't that the present?"  Hey, mind your own business.  Can we agree on not-so-distant-future? Okay. Grand. Moving on.

Spaceship Earth.
Now, while most Disney parks are broken down into "lands," Epcot is as well, they are just called "pavilions" there.  Future World has six, two halves, and one quarter of a pavilion.  Calm down, I'll explain.  The two halves are Innoventions and Space Ship Earth, although I am not sure Space Ship Earth is a pavilion.  Might be a center piece attraction thingy.  The quarter is the empty Wonders of Life  pavilion.

Okay, we made it through that.  I could break down every pavilion but I think that I will leave that for The Mickey Mutineers: Oh No, Not Another Unofficial Walt Disney World Guide Book.  Don't hold your breath for that though, we haven't made it very far.  Apparently all we have is a title.  As per my own idiom I am going to touch on a couple of my favorite attractions.

This queue is full of happy and awesome.
Let's start in the Land pavilion.  I have two favorites there.  Soarin' and the boat ride through the Land.  I'm not sure what that second one is really called, but I like it.  Soarin' over California is a great ride, but I think it needs to be more than a clone at Epcot. Many have said it and I agree: it needs to have a more worldly theme to it.  But hey, it's still an amazing experience.  The Land boat ride through the gardens is a nice slow roll.  A relaxing ride.  You get to see veggies, Mickey pumpkins, and Disney working with NASA on some top secret super veggie in space experiment.  I don't know what really goes on there so just stick with that.

Yes, the danger must be growing,
for the rowers keep on rowing!
Just imagine little drops of pain hitting your eyes.
Now, we go over to the Test Track pavilion to ride Test Track.  Who doesn't like the gamble of waiting in line for over an hour to have the ride break as soon as you get out of the pre-show area?  Now if you do make it on the ride, you will twist and turn and feel the wind in your hair while cruising through a Tron-esque environment.  Also, when you get outside and a notorious Florida thunder storm lands,  the rain pelting you at 60 MPH hurts like hell.

Next to Test Track is the Mission Space pavilion, which replaced the old Horizons, which I never had the honor of riding.  Mission Space is fun, but it is more about thrill junkie bullshit than edutainment.  Just don't close your eyes and don't look at Jake.  You will get sick.
Hey! Nausea and claustrophobia all rolled into one!

Those are my personal don't-miss attractions in Epcot's Future World.  That said, the family and I easily spend two full days roaming Epcot and I would suggest to anyone to do the same.  There are great nooks and crannies and great attractions.  You can learn a thing or three and you will have fun doing it.  As far as all of Epcot's pavilions, don't worry I will be breaking each one down in the near future...  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Hatbox What???

Out of all the attractions at Disneyland, there’s always one that I simply have to hit before I leave the park...every day that I’m there. This attraction opened in 1969 and has been a huge hit ever since. The Haunted Mansion is a fantastic ride with tons of eye candy to look at. I challenge everyone reading this to try and find something new each time you ride it, because you undoubtedly will. This ride has a lot going for it but one thing in particular has piqued my interest. The first time I heard of this character, I thought people were joking. You know, like "Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen" joking. But nay! This is no joke, folks! This elusive character did in fact thrive in the Haunted Mansion when it first opened! I’m talking about none other than the Hatbox Ghost!
The Hatbox Ghost!

The hatbox what now? I know, right? That's exactly what I thought when someone with unemotional useless knowledge told me about it. (Thanks Jake!) (Editor's note: No problem!) Apparently this ghost guy, this specter in the night, with a lovely hatbox, was actually in the ride when it opened. According to Tony Baxter, he was located where the bride ghost is in the attic. The Hatbox Ghost can be found on all sorts of old Disney memorabilia! He was on records, lunch boxes, hat boxes, blue police call boxes...you get the picture. Disney sold this guy to the public and then in excellent Disney fashion, they ripped him out of the ride quicker than the heavy petting couple that was in the buggy behind you!

"I have Hatbox in the attic!"
"The mere fact that you call making love 'Hatbox' tells me
you're not ready!"
Why did they do that? From all of the pictures I've seen, it looked awesome! He didn't do much. His hand with the cane in it apparently shook as if he was an Epileptic staring into Pikachu's eyes, and his head would disappear, but then reappear inside of the hat box! Awesome! That’s classic Disney trickery! So why then did he leave so quickly? How quickly, you ask? I’m glad you did! (Editor's note: I didn't.) Approximately three months out of the gate! There was a rumor that it was too scary for children to look at, but that’s not true at all! Snow Whites Scary Adventures is scarier than Mr. Hatbox! Not to mention the Haunted Mansion itself starts off with a man hanging himself. Truth be known, the effect of his head disappearing, then reappearing inside the box, just didn't work right. It worked great before Yale Gracey put him in the attraction, but they couldn't fine tune it once it was there, and following Disneyland’s standards, if it doesn't work properly, and they can’t fix it, get it out of the attraction!

His portrait still hangs in the hall to this day!
So that's the fate of ole Hatbox! His legend seemed to be short lived, but lately, fans from all over the world have been begging Disneyland to put him back inside of his rightful home. Will they do it? I have no idea. Do I want them to do it? Do I love donuts more than life itself? It would be incredible to see him in the attraction again! I personally would love it, and I’m not the only one. The way ole Hatty’s legend has grown over the past few years has been amazing! Disney has even started toying with the notion by making Hatbox Ghost souvenirs available in the shops! Director Guillermo del Toro even has a rebooted Haunted Mansion film in the works featuring the Hat Box Ghost.

In conclusion and in my professional opinion, I feel that they should bring him back home, but don’t tell anyone! Make his appearance just as mysterious as his disappearance. I think if Disney played on that, and fueled that fire, the Haunted Mansion would hands down become the most popular ride at the park! After Hatbox had been in the ride for about a month, start advertising then that he’s back, but very mildly. Posters with only a ghostly hatbox on it that simply states, Disneyland! I would love to see him back! Make it happen, Disney!