Sunday, March 24, 2013

Podcast Episode, 10

It's our 10th episode ever! Double digits! Huzzah! You can listen on that player over there on the right side of this blog. Unless you're viewing the mobile version. In that case, CLICK HERE to go directly to the episodes page and listen instantly. Or find us on iTunes. Anyway, this week we tackle the new Disney Springs concept and punch it in the face. We also sit in our Imagineering armchairs and come up with new Deluxe Resorts for Disney World. Then there are other things like the Disney Cruise, food at Disneyland, roofies, and some light cuddling. I don't know. Thanks for listening!


  1. One of these days I really need to ask you fellas a listener question. I just keep comin' up blank. :P

  2. Ask anything. I don't think there is a subject we couldn't tacle.

  3. Damn. Why didn't autocorrect catch that? There are something's that I drunk spell so often that it overcomes the sober spell. Apparently computers like drunk me better. Who knew?

  4. Ahh, best intro yet!!
    Capitalize on the Marvel, comics that is, no shinagins though. Get real with their bad selves and put a new and refreshing…Iron Mickey Coaster!!! I believe, as a purist at heart, that Mickey (and Tink) needs to be incorporated in all things Disney.
    Something for old butter eyes, bread bowls and cones, how do I love them. I think the Land needs to incorporate more international foods in the park
    Finally Pixar..TThhe Best. I love all their work. The more Pixar the better…Bringing back the imagination in everyone.
    Love the pod cast..I don’t tweek or u space or whatever you want to call it. Keep up the drunk work, I mean good work.