Sunday, March 17, 2013

Podcast Episode 9!

First and foremost: There are a few sound issues in this episode, but it's still listenable. Apparently it's really hard to record in a bouncy castle and have all of us hold still at the same time. Anyway, hey! Episode 9! You can listen on that player over there on the right, unless you're viewing the mobile version of the site, in which case you can just CLICK HERE or find us on iTunes! This week we clone Tim and talk about the proposed Main Street U.S.A expansion in Disneyland. Other topics we half-assedly try to stay on include: Innoventions at Epcot, awesome Cast Members, the Disney water parks, holiday decor, Jake's Travel Tip O' The Day, a listener question, and what Tim's legs are actually made of. Tune in and tell a friend!

1 comment:

  1. Jbravo here.
    OK. I need to know. My wife needs to know mostly. Put the Tower Terror Hotels in the octagon ring!
    Also, I have an idea for a hotel. Not one of those fancy things. But a fun hotel that gives you a greater sense of Disney. How about a 3-D hotel. Grab some glasses when you check in. 3-D Mickey's and Minnie's and 3-D Tron. Each floor could be themed. The top floor could be 3-D Star Wars. It would take a lot of paint. Oh, and the walls would be in video 3-D. Can you imagine walking down the hallway to your room and dodging light sabers! Yes, I would stay at that hotel... and pay for it. I will take the 3-D Peter Pan room, I come Tink!