Sunday, March 10, 2013

Podcast Episode 8!

After rescuing Tim from his misstep last week, we bring you more things this week! Jake introduces a new segment called Left for Dead, (not to be confused with the popular series of video games by the exact same name.) Tim talks about his favorite walk-around characters at the parks. Josh decides to talk about trains, and cabooses. Caboosi? Whatever. Tim discusses a poll he took (and never put back) and then we wonder why Grizzly Peak looks like a wolf. Also, listener questions and the Travel Tip O' the Day! So enjoy, everybody! You can listen on that player over there on the right side of this page, or if you're viewing the mobile version of our site, CLICK HERE, or subscribe to us on iTunes. Remember, if you want to support the show, click the Amazon banner there at the top of the page and do your normal shopping! Many thanks and high fives all around.

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