Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Half of Epcot

Out of all the Disney parks that I have been to, I think Epcot is my favorite. "Why?" you ask. Because awesome! That's why! Anyways, let's go to my favorite half of my favorite park first: World Showcase!
American Adventure, Japan, Morocco, and France 

Why do I like World Showcase? Well, it's kind of relaxing and you can get a somewhat clean taste of different countries. Almost anything you desire is there. Sweet tooth? There are napoleons in France. Hips hurt? Margaritas in Mexico.  Maple leafs? Yeah, Canada is there too.
Inside  the Mexico Pavilion 

Unfortunately, World Showcase doesn't open until 11:00 on most days, so you need to either wait or come late. I choose to wander Future World for two hours and then work my way through the world.
Usually, I start in Mexico and jump around in a clockwise direction. But hey, that's me. There are a few things that are a "don't miss," such as the Maelstrom, and well, hmm.  OK, lets back up.  
World Showcase is not loaded with rides.  In fact, there are just two, but there are also movies, gardens, little train sets and Perry the Platypus.  
Norway's Stave Church. Go inside! I dare ya! 

World Showcase is a place to slow down and to take in the scenery and some of the culture in a clean and friendly representation of each country. In other words, no you will not be kidnapped by drug cartels and held for ransom. I suppose I could go into a detailed description of each country, but that would drag this article out and my ADD would kick in and oooh! Shiny!... See what I mean?  So instead of that I'll just touch on a couple of my favorite things to peruse through.     
Look at how awesome Japan looks! Look, dammit!

First off, I love walking through the Stave Church in Norway. Did you know you could walk through that?  Not many people do.  It's got a few viking artifacts in it and I think it is interesting.  Next off is the miniature railroad in Germany. Deutsche(Editor's note: Please refrain from calling the reader a douche.)  I like trains and there used to be a really neat Hidden Mickey there. Maybe someday he will return.  Also, Germany has German beer, go figure. My next "must stop" is the funnel cake stand to the right of the American Adventure. Don't miss this one. Goes great with your German beer. Then it's on to the Japan Pavilion for the Mitsukoshi department store. But that isn't the reason I like Japan. The walk through the garden after sipping on many glasses of hot sake is what life is all about.  Also, Hidden Mickey in the Koi pond. Find it. Now if I am lucky I can finish up at the Rose and Crown sipping on black and tans. If I am lucky. Usually I'm face down in the stream back in Japan with the water bamboo thingy hitting me in the head.
I still say England could use a TARDIS sitting on the sidewalk...

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