Monday, March 18, 2013

Ahoy There!

So you've been to the parks. You've been to all of the Disney Parks state side. You've done the rides, you've seen the shows, you've danced and skipped with your kids down the streets...or without kids! Kids optional. You've enjoyed your Disney experience to the max, so now what? What more does Disney have to offer? How much more entertainment can they possibly entice us with? The answer is hidden in the sea. Well, not really hidden, they have a few gigantic ships floating about, but yes, Disney has taken over the entertainment business on the sea as well with four amazing ships. The Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic, and the Disney Wonder!

The Disney Wonder in all of its sleek and sexy glory!
Top deck of the two new ships
These ships are remarkable to say the least. Beautifully crafted to look like the classic cruise liners of the 1900’s, the four ships are as elegant as Cinderella’s glass slippers and 20 times as comfortable! The Magic and the Wonder were built by Fincantieri in Trieste, Italy, while the two newer ships, the Dream and the Fantasy were built by Meyer Werft shipyard. The Disney ships are all amazing and each one takes you to amazing destinations that include the Bahamas and Disney’s private Island, Castaway Cay, which is flippin' awesome! But don’t hang upside down on the water playground there! Come to find out, the cast members frown upon that.

Making port at Castaway Cay
Castaway Cay has some amazing features like an “adult only” beach! If you're allergic to children, then that's the place for you! They have scuba, snorkeling, biking, and more. It's a Disney paradise! In the family section of the island, Disney thought it would be awesome to make a ship wreck scene under the water for the snorkeler's to explore. Lots of amazing fish, and one really grumpy red one that sleeps inside of a canon. Don’t stick your hand inside!

Is that all Disney has to offer? Their own island? Man, if that was the highlight I would be happy, but it's not! This is Disney, folks, and everything has to be top notch and excellent. On board of the ships is no different. You get amazing food, amazing entertainment such as Broadway-style shows, amazing pools on the top deck, dancing, singing, and the!

Aside from the food being amazing is the fact that you get to dine in different restaurants. Each one is themed differently and each one is amazing in their own way. My personal favorite is the Animator's Palate. Not only is the food intoxicating, but as you eat, you literally get to see drawings come to life, and towards the end of your dining experience, the entire restaurant breaks out in classic Disney song and dance! Goosebumps immediately pour out of your skin as colors ignite into action all around you.  Characters come out and dance, your waiters are dancing, and before you know, or even realize whats happening, you’re dancing! Fantastic!

Animator's Palate on the Wonder and Magic.

Look at that fancy chandelier hanging in the atrium! Each one is vastly different! 
Disney prides itself in doing things right, and making sure your get your moneys worth. The Disney Cruise Line is no different. It is hands down the best cruise line I've had the pleasure to sail on, and I've done a lot of them. The care and pride that is on those ships resonates in the cast members and their positive attitudes as they strive to make sure your time aboard the ships are memorable to the max! The very first thing that set it off on a good foot for me was the way you board the ships. Your walking up the ramp, and you look ahead of you. The brilliant white ship glistening in the Florida sun. Just as you walk inside a Cast Member reads your boarding pass on a loud speaker, “The Hess Family from Redding, California!” Immediately you hear a roar of applause from the other Cast Members as you walk into this huge room with probably the most amazing light fixtures I've ever seen. From the moment you set foot on any of their ships, Disney makes you feel like royalty. So, in conclusion, if you feel like you've done all the things Disney has to offer in the parks, look to the sea, there is so much more out there! Happy Sailing my friends!
Did I mention the freakin' water coaster on the top deck of the Fantasy and Dream?
It's there! And it's amazing!

(Editor's note: Also, no one has ever had to crap in a bag and eat poorly made sandwiches while being slowly towed back to land while on board a Disney Cruise Line ship. Just sayin'...)

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