Friday, February 1, 2013

Walking Distance Hotels Around Disneyland

What's going on here? I'm actually writing a helpful post instead of just complaining and boobing about things? Hell yes, I am! So here's the thing: I often get asked "Jake, I want to go to Disneyland, but I lack the helpful, expert knowledge you possess and don't want to pay out the butt for a hotel seven miles away and pay for parking at the Disneyland parking garage and wait in line for a tram just to take me from the parking garage to the main entrance and have my day ruined before I ever even step foot in the parks so what should I do?" To which I usually answer, "Well first, you need to work on your run-on sentences. Second, take a seat right over there and let me educate you!" And then I expose my masterpiece. Behold!
(Heck yes, I made this in Paint!)
What you want to do is stay at a hotel somewhere in one of these squares which offers you easy walking distance to the happiness that is Disneyland.

Now let me give you a quick run-down here of what this all means. The blue circle in the middle is the Central Plaza or Entrance Plaza, but I like calling it the Central Plaza better. This is the entrance to both Disneyland and California Adventure parks and is essentially your destination when walking from your hotel. On the west side of the resort, you'll find the three Disney-owned hotels. While these hotels are exceptionally nice with great service, your hotel cost is your life savings, your kids' college fund, and a down payment of your first-born and your right arm. If that doesn't sound like something you're into, avoid the hotels in the purple squares.

Instead, let's focus on the hotels on the east side of the property along Harbor Boulevard. These hotels consist of well-known hotel chains such as Best Western, Ramada, Marriott, and others. There are also a few local hotels in there that, while not chain-owned, are still nice enough to give you the good night's rest you need after a long day at the parks. The dark red line in the picture shooting of to the right is the walkway and crosswalk that you will walk to from your hotel, so proximity to this line is as important as you want it to be. Also along this row of hotels is a number of restaurants you can stop at for breakfast into the park, or a late dinner after the park closes.

Now, along the south end on Katella Avenue are some more hotel choices, but at the cost of being farther away. Still walking distance, but farther. Depending on what hotel you're in here, you can either walk up to the previously mentioned Harbor crosswalk, or take the west side up through the Disney hotels and Downtown Disney to get to the Central Plaza from that side. You must choose...wisely.

The beauty of all this is that you arrive at your hotel, you park your car, you leave your car, and you don't worry about your car. Also you don't have to fight the crowds getting on and off the parking garage trams both in the morning and at the end of the day.

So yeah, that's pretty much it. If you need further assistance, leave a comment! I'll attend to you personally! Okay, bye!

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