Sunday, February 24, 2013

Podcast Episode 6!

Wooty wootin'! We made it to episode 6! You can listen on the player over there to the right under the Amazon banner, or by clicking HERE, or by subscribing on iTunes! Buckle up, because this week things get out of hand! In the best way! We discuss the rumors surrounding Disneyland's Tomorrowland. Josh wants to switch the Autopia cars from gas to electric. Tim throws out an idea to build a Labyrinth labyrinth at Hollywood Studios, just because he likes Labyrinth. There's some Oscar talk, a dash of Downtown Disney, and some peeing in lines at the parks. I wish I was joking. Oh how badly I wish I was joking... And then there's a listener question. Enjoy this!

Also, from the corrections department, when we're answering the listener question, we meant Maharajah Jungle Trek, not the Pangani Forest Trail. You'll see. Tell a friend! Support the show by clicking the Amazon banner and making your normal purchases! Follow us on Twitter @mickeymutineers! And uh...other things as well!