Sunday, February 10, 2013

Podcast Episode 4

Well hey, we're moving right along with this podcast thing! You want Episode 4? You got Episode 4! Where would you like it? iTunes? DONE! Right here on the blog? DONE! Listen on that player over there to the right! Oh, you're on the mobile site and can't see the player? Get it HERE! (You have to click on "HERE.." got it!) You one of those Stitcher users? It's there too! We want to hear from our listeners and readers of the blog. You want a question answered regarding anything Disney? Travel tips? Favorite things? Scathing remarks? Topics you want to hear about that we haven't brought up? Ask away! We'll bring it all up on the show! Just leave your question/comment here in the Comments, send it to us on Twitter (@mickeymutineers) or send it to us on Facebook ( and be sure to Like us while you're there. All we ask is you get a good laugh, tell a friend, and spread the word. We're here to entertain you! And we thank you!


  1. Finally was able to listen- great stuff, lots of fun!

    1. Hey thanks for the listen! We hope you tune in whenever you can. We try to have a new episode out every Sunday.