Friday, February 22, 2013

Paying it Forward

I used to think the internet was just a bottomless pit of hatred and despair. And I still do. But, like Darth Vader, there is some good in it. So I'd like to point some of that out to you. If you enjoy our blog or podcast, then here are some others you might like. If we're a little too obscene or inappropriate, then you'll really enjoy these. These have been some of our bigger supporters and friends, and it's only right to throw some high fives back to them.

Jambo Everyone Some great Animal Kingdom stuff can be found here.

Plus the Magic A great blog of all things Disney. Wordless Wednesday is always a creative post to look forward to each week.

Mouse on the Mind Another blog featuring all things Disney. Funny, informative, and super nice people!

Disney With Me Another blog for all things Disney (why do I keep writing that? I'm pretty sure these all are all things Disney blogs!) But it is not to be missed! Trust me. I get bored when I read, but not at Disney With Me. Always a good time!

Modern Mouse Radio! It's a fun informative blog. It's a podcast. And it's awesome. They got to interview Rolly Crump, for crap sake! Check these guys out!

Epcast Fellow podcasters of the highest degree! Fairly new, just like us. Entertaining. Funny. I like them! You should too!

So please, everyone, check out these blogs and podcasts. They're really good! I'm not sure if acceptance and recognition from the insanity of Mickey Mutineers is what they're looking for, but bah! They got it! Support them, thank you for supporting us, and have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks, guys! So kind & generous of you to pay it forward. We all think you're swell, too!