Monday, January 7, 2013

NO Love!

Disney has a lot going for it these days. They have a ton of useful items in their arsenal you might say. You could even say that their "BATMAN utility belt" is full of "Wonderful Toys". If any of you said that, I would agree with you. Now would you agree with me on this...The Incredible’s get absolutely no love from Disney! Blasphemy... no, not at all. Blasphemy would be like saying Mr. Toads Wild Ride sucks like a Hoover. You might possibly get a sword through the heart if you said that, but the Incredibles, they get no love at all. As one of Pixar’s top rated films, I think they should get more than just a parade at DCA (Disney's California Adventure).

Nemo has submarines at Disneyland, and a Shell ride at Epcot, Toy Story has their amazing ride. What about Mr. Incredible and his family? You could do so much with that, so how about this for starters. Get rid of Captain EO. That 3D movie was lamer than a three legged dog back in the 80's. I'm not buying Michael Jackson as a bad-ass when he pops through the floor of the ship and then states "Everyone, this is serious", in his high feminine voice, and his non-plastic parts are starting to stink up the theater. Make an Incredibles 3D movie. It’s perfect. I can see Mrs. Incredible’s stretchy arms flying out into the audience, Mr. Incredible’s strength as he throws a car at a villain, but conveniently misses and it goes, wait for it....Into the Audience! It would be fantastic!

Another Idea is to make a Dash roller coaster. How cool would that be? I think it would have to be an indoor one, Rock'n'Roller Coaster style, but with all of The Incredible’s goodness inside of it. Obviously the story line would place the rider (you) as Dash as you whip through a ton of explosions and go through a loop or five.

Or how about this? Remember the part in the movie where there are the pods on tracks zipping around Syndrome's island? They looked a lot like this:
And Disneyland has a great length of empty Peoplemover track that looks like this:
Get some pods up on those abandoned tracks! You could have little scenes from The Incredibles every time your pod goes inside a building, and outside you'll just be zipping around Tomorrowland in sweet style.

 These are golden ideas here, people! I feel like the Incredibles have gotten no love at all. The part they have in the PIXAR parade is cool, but they need more. Who's with me?...besides me of course?

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  1. I agree! The Incredibles got an incredibly short end of the stick. I didn't put that much thought into it, but you're right.