Friday, January 25, 2013

Here's a Good Idea! Let's Make Sure We Never Use It Again!: PART 2

Alright, we've already covered what and where the Peoplemover was, (and in case you missed it, you should go back and check it out.) Now, let me rant about where it could be used, because Disney is sitting on an awesome product and refusing to use it. Kind of like Song of the South. But that's neither here nor there.

Let's start at the beginning...and when we come to the end, I'll stop. Disneyland! This was the first place to get the Peoplemover. All I can say is if they're not going to put it back up on the abandoned tracks where it belongs, then rip those tracks out for the sake of decency! But then add a Peoplemover that goes from the big ass parking garage to the central plaza, much like the parking lot trams do now. What's a better way to start your Disneyland day: clean, efficient Disneyland technology? Or sitting in the exhaust of a fancy tractor designed to look like some sort of Universal Studios Backlot Tour bastard child? I hope you said the Disneyland technology one, because that's the Peoplemover.

Now let's skip our happy asses across the country again to Walt Disney World, where the Peoplemover still stands strong! But also where it could be so much more! Currently, Disney World transportation consists of monorails! Boats! Ferries! And buses! Buses?


The main transportation artery of the Walt Disney World Resort is no more magical than your local city transportation system. Except with twice the urine smell, but only half the hobos. Surely the Peoplemover system could be implemented here somehow, even if they had to expand on the technology. Imagine riding from the Animal Kingdom Lodge to Epcot in your own little pod with your family, cruising along on clean green technology. There could be main Peoplemover tracks that branch off to the separate hotels, like a little electric highway system. Yes, it would be super expensive. But that used to not stop Disney. I guess it does now.

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