Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another Disney Gem!!

Folks, it's time for yet another episode of Disney Gems! I love writing about these because it's the small things that really make Disneyland special. The attention to detail, the things you wouldn't notice unless you were informed or just looking in the right place at the perfect time. Disney has a ton of "Gems" littered around the park, but you have to know where to look to find them. They don't just come out and smack you in the face, they're shy, secluded, keep to themselves, if you will...and that's why they are awesome!

This Disney gem is located in Pirates of the Caribbean. "But Tim, you've already done a segment on this!" True, I have, and that was on Marc Davis and his Red Headed beauty that's on the wall in the caves. This gem that I'm writing about this time is also located in the caves, only about 50 feet away from the painting, but over on the left side of the boat. To be more precise, it's on the head board right behind the pirate sitting on the bed with the magnification glass in his hand.

(I apologize for the picture quality. It's dark in there.)
So why is it there? Why is there a real skull and crossbones on that ride? Well, back in 1967, when the ride was built, UCLA donated real skeletons for the ride! How awesome is that? Those skeletons are gone now, replaced by plastic replicas, but good on the Imagineers for making the ride even more authentic! Now back to the skull and crossbones on the bed. Yes, the skull is real, and it's human. Rumor has it that the crossbones behind the skull are real as well because of the discoloration on them. I cannot confirm, nor deny this, but how cool is it that the skull is real?

When you notice the skull, you'll find that it's bigger than all of the others in the ride...because it's real. That's just another thing you don't see at other parks. You don't see Gems like that at Six Flags, or Universal. It's just another reason why Walt's vision has lasted so long. He and his team of Imagineers believed in something that was just as great as all of their imaginations put together. Pretty awesome, huh? Pirates has two Gems inside of it, almost right next to each other. Next time you're on the ride, make sure you find the Gems I've mentioned. Its fun to see things other people just don't notice.

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