Monday, December 3, 2012

Yo ho, yo ho it's a car life for me!

If there are two things I like, it's cars and Disney.
And women.
Ok, if there are three things I like, it's car's, Disney, and women.
And food.
Alright, if there are four things I like, it's cars, Disney, women, and food.
Will you stop that?

So, all that being said, I was rather skeptical about the new Test Track at Walt Disney World.  After watching a couple of long YouTube video of the queue, ride and exit area I have to say I am not so skeptical.
The entrance queue is way less cluttered and I like that. I also didn't notice any tools lying about. I like that too. Maybe that is just because I am a helicopter mechanic and tool control is important to me, but, I think it is mostly because I don't wanna see tools when I am on vacation.
So the car design thing is nothing more than a gimmicky time killer. It would be so fun to build a car and "test" the performance of said car.
Or truck.
Or truck. I thought you left. Anyhow. Back to it. And no more Python-esque interruptions.
The ride itself has a total new feel to it, even though it uses the same track. The futuristic Tron-like world is pretty damned breathtaking if I must say.
So the performance spec numbers after are eye wash. Big deal. It's fun, it applies to the kid in me, it's not pirates or princesses, and it seems like it may be leaning toward edutainment!   But, sadly, I have a little over a year before I can plop my ass in the proverbial drivers seat of this thing.  So expect more on this.

Josh out. 

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