Thursday, November 15, 2012

Starbucks at Disney

So the big cheese is finally getting some coffee that doesn't taste like it was filtered through dirty gym socks!  I, for one, am quite pleased.  It seems that the news has generated quite a buzz though. Is it because of Disney allowing an outside corporation into the parks?  Like that's never happened before. Seriously, I'd much rather have a bare breasted, twin-tailed mermaid serving me caffeine than a creepy, ginger clown shoving heart attack-inducing crap down my throat. I suppose on the downside of this, with the alcohol now served at the Magic Kingdom, we may have wide awake drunk pricks roaming the park...

*Editor's note: Josh is more grumpy and cynical in the mornings before he has his coffee. Also, he smells like cheese, which is weird. 


  1. If Disney Could make a decent cup of coffee, I would be all for them keeping it in house.........but they can't. In fact, they make a absolutely horrid cup of coffee. This is good news in my opinion.

    1. Yes! Our first comment! This means someone beside me or jake reads this blog! This also means that if I bump into you in a Disney park I shall buy you a Starbucks!!! But I totally agree that good coffee in the park is a great thing! The best coffee I was able to find years ago was at Shades of Green, now I don't have to hike through gather infested golf courses just to get a cup o joe!