Friday, November 2, 2012

Mutineer Blogcast #1: Marvel in Disneyland

Jake: Rumors are floating about that Innoventions (more like inNOventions, am I right people?) will finally go the way of the Hostess Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pudding pie in place of some sort of Iron Man themed thrill ride.

Josh: Wait. What? I've been stuck on a mountain top (in a completely non monkish sort of way) for a few days,  where did this come from? Also, I would kill for TMNT pie...

.... ok. I just perused through whole lot of particularly unhelpful forum pages from a rather smuggish forum and am still confused. I gather Disney is finally putting to use its newest(?) franchise, Marvel, and building an "E" ticket attraction. Kinda like you said above. I have mixed feelings about this. Not because they are using Marvel characters, but because I have secretly hoped that there would be an Incredibles attraction that used the carousel AND the People Mover track.  

Jake: At least it kind of fits the Tomorrowland theme. I mean, the Stark company is all about future technology, clean self-sustaining energy, and weapons of mass destruction! But what I’m curious to see is what kind of ride they can fit onto the carousel building’s footprint, and whether or not they’ll actually use the building or demolish it and start from scratch.

Josh:  "Kind of fits" is the key. Almost, but not entirely does not fit may also work. Look, I am not against Marvel showing up in the parks, but I really wish for a retro-future sort of theme to tomorrow land. I suppose a Stark Expo queue and a good attraction would work. However, I think the bigger issue here is where would the Marvel crew fit into Disneyland?  Some would say presically under the monorail...  Marvel is great and all but there may need to be a comic book land or park to stuff them into. Maybe a villains and super heroes type park? But, not a complete thrill park, because I feel that is the magic of Disney: something for every one.

Jake: I think you nailed Tomorrowland there with a retro-future idea. Tomorrowland shouldn’t be based in reality any more, otherwise it would need updating every other month, and I don’t think Disney has the nads to do that. Also it’s not possible. As for where else would the Marvel crew fit: they’re not invited! Ewoks weren’t invited to Star Tours, so Captain Marvel can wait outside somewhere! I’m taking a stand for the ewoks!

Josh:  So where in Disney would Marvel fit?  I kinda think that if they can go anywhere besides under a monorail it would be Future World at EPCOT. Really, why is that called future world anyway? It's more about developing the future at heart, or it was once anyhow. They would also fit in a movie type park, maybe a back ally in DCA or somewhere on New York Street at DHS. All of that said a new gate would be the best option.  There were plans on the table for a Marvel park at DubaiLand but I am unsure if that was pre-Disney or what.  Not like Arabs care about Ironman much, I mean apparently they are the ones who made him...

Jake: Marvel would go great in the abandoned backlot of Hollywood Studios somewhere. There are entire buildings back there housing nothing but moth-ridden costumes and lost children in storage to replace the kids currently working in Small World. I also heard Michael Eisner’s soul is kept in a filing cabinet back there. So let’s bulldoze everything back there (orphans included), and make the way to get there through the animation courtyard. Have a sort of animation to comic book transition sort of thing.

Josh: You had me at bulldoze... Unfortunately, at the current moment, Marvel is the blue peg in a square hole. ( I gotta learn my shapes)   


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