Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Star Wars and Disney

So it has happened. Disney paid $4.05 billion dollars to purchase Lucasfilms and all associated items. What does this mean?  It means more Star Wars and Indy in Disney's Hollywood studios!  Speeder Bike track? Thanks, I'll take two! An entire Star Wars land? Bingo! Jar Jar Binks on the underside of the General Joe Fowler? Yes please!
In all seriousness, the potential for the parks is astounding!  Then we get into the new movies!  5 bucks says Johnny Depp will be C3PO...  It'll all be Pirates of El Caribe in space.  How cool is that?
Now I'm sure haters will do what they do best and poo poo the whole deal, but I think that this is going to be great!  The joining of two entertainment giants, neigh, blitzkreiging juggernaughts is a good deal.

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